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Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations is a spin off from the mainline games and the notable thing about this spin off series is its use of classical literature influeces for the story in this case the divine inferno and how many enemies and loading quotes are reference to it.

Its set on a abandoned ship that is now infested with monsters and its up to the bsaa Jill and Chris to stop the threat and figure out what really was going on behind the events of the outbreak.

So the story is atypical of a resident evil game also included is the cheesy dialogue especially from Quint and Keith who had to be the biggest comedic source of relief at that time since Barry Burton wasn’t playable again in a canon story until Revelations 2.

The game was made in mind to bring it back to basics with a more survival horror style in contrast to the action adventure direction at the time.

The ship felt pretty tight and one wrong move can get you to being killed.

You can’t move and shoot at the same time instead you have to stand still and shoot which admitedly kind of felt awkard as other games had the move and shoot feature like even operation racoon city of all games.

The enemies in the game well I can kind of accept that its not going to be much as compared to other games given the 3ds can only handle so much.

It’s a fairly long game too.

The ship was really eerie and every corner you could encounter a zombie or other type of creature that could try to kill you so I often saved ammo and just ran pass them because the older games was fight or flight mainly in the case of Jill others like Chris it was more focused on the action adventure side with a more linear way of progression.

So gameplay wise the biggest flaw was its occasional inconsistency between episodes.

Also not helping was some enemies kind of took forever to kill and some had some really annoying instant kill moves too that was also pretty bad.

You can find parts to customize your weapons to help you survive in game.

The music was pretty good too so was the audio quality.

The graphics was also good for its time.

The ai partners on the otherhand I just felt like they were shooting bb bullets and them not healing you when you need it the most yeah its pretty annoying.

The online features by now are long since finished.

The touch screen controls were pretty creative.

Theres a device you may need from time to time called genesis to help you scan for hidden objects and hidden enemies like the hunters.

You are rewarded points and achievements based on your actions in the story to help you get better equipment.

Ovearll this was a good spin off.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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