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Resident Evil Vendetta

Resident Evil Vendetta is part of the spin off interequel cgi series of movies by capcom.

This movie was written by one of the Psycho Pass writers Makoto Fukami who described it as a reboot because of the new tone but honestly here tonal wise it doesn’t feel anything that different to the movies or the games its action adventure mixed with horror.

It focuses on Leon,Rebecca and Chris stopping Glen Arias a bioterroist seeking revenge against the u.s for sending in a drone strike killing his wife and and almost everyone save for his friends the Gomez family who are now b.o.w’s as a result of the injuries sustained from the drone strike and are helping Glen taking revenge against the u.s by starting another outbreak so its up to Leon,Chris and Rebecca to stop it.

It finally brought Rebecca back as at the time, she wasn’t in anything re related for a bit of a while until the Japan only play and now here its great to see her back again after a while kind of a shame Billy Coen didn’t made a reappearance though.

A notable thing about the movie is that it focuses on how the years of fighting bioterroism has impacted Leon’s wellbeing and its caused him to become quite jaded because of how much its really gotten worse over the years and also the one scene where Chris and Rebecca tried to get him out of a state of self pity that scene is a pretty mixed bag like sure it was interesting to see how much its affected the characters but at the same time just coaxing and being pushy to Leon to get out his depressive state not exactly the best idea if the series was focused on realism.

Same as always too don’t expect to care about the other characters either. Glen Arias does have a sympathetic background though so you could see but not agree exactly why he has a vendetta on the government especially since they keep covering up and indirectly starting more conflicts over and over again.

The B.O.W.’S as expected are as scary as ever and the action too is pretty decent.

The action too is pretty decent too.

The animation was also pretty good too.

Overall it was a decent movie.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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