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Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is the 3rd and most recent entry in the splatoon series.

It focuses on a newer agent who has to stop the bad guys once again from trying to take over the earth and its set in the splatlands and it focuses on mammals coming back after disappearing for so long too.

You can now speedrun your way simply by grinding for money to reach to the final boss of the area you are in by repeating the same level over and over again which can be convenient if you need to do so and some of the missions can be pretty annoying too be it by cheap deaths or cryptic level designs otherwise each of the levels have their own unique flair to it.

The upbeat urban atmosphere from before returns and it still maintains the cheesy dialogue as before too and sense of humor too.

The characters are pretty fun too.

The combat like before, is in third person format and most objectives require you to reach to the end of the level in order to win the challenge.

Theres also new ways to move around in the game too that helps give variation and creativity to combat.

You can find special equipment too during missions to help you defeat a lot of enemies too like before.

The boss fights especially the final one, I found were hit or miss either they dragged on for too long or they kind of just were all over the place because of how super fast they were going I really didn’t had that much of a good time fighting them.

It has a new buddy system where you can use your fishbuddy to reach places you can’t really go for and to attack enemy weakspots too and also help you solve puzzles.

The swim form is back too where you can spray your ink and use it to reach areas and to heal pretty quickly too and regain ammo for your weapons too.

Theres a perk system too where finding certain parts allows you to unlock new abilties to help you in exploration and combat in the game like before.

You have a variety of weapons you can use to take down enemies.

The graphics is really good and the artstyle too as always, is incredible.

No I didn’t play the multiplayer I honestly have absolute no interest at all whatsoever getting myself involved in multiplayer related stuff whatsoever.

The character customization here was pretty good too and pretty creative and a bunch of new features were added in too.

There is a good amount of replay value too like finding out the lore of the story through bits and pieces you find as you get rid of ooze and hit hidden objects and what not pretty facinating lore for sure.

The music is pretty decent too.

The game is still getting updates adding all sorts of new features even today.

Overall it was a pretty good game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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