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The Perfect Insider

The Perfect Insider is an anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name.

The series is a mix of science fiction and also whodunit locked room murder mystery.

In the story it focuses on a savant programmer Shiki Magata who lives alone in total seclusion and its been years since anyone has visited Shiki. Shiki has been living in seclusion since the death of her parents that she was aqquited from due to her mental state at the time.

University architecture professor Souhei Sakiawa and student Moe Nishinosono visit Shiki one day. Then suddenly a murder happens in the facility and they must solve the murders going on in the island while uncover the secrets behind the murder as well.

The characters were pretty interesting. Souhei Saikawa one of the main characters is this lone wolf cynic who keeps to himself and is more focused on work than so on social relationships. He also bottles up his emotions and rarely does show them. A notable trait of him is the intense level of apathy he has.

Souhei’s apprentice Moe is perky and optimistic and despite her cheery nature she’s also incredibly smart as well too.

Shiki Magata is a recluse and is very complicated to describe. One part of her is just brutally honest while the other part is in a state of melancholy.

The character chemistry was engaging to see.

The story is fairly short but it does feel complete.

The voice acting and dialogue was good and the story is very dialogue heavy keep in mind.

The atmosphere was pretty broody and dreary and it matched the visuals as well. It can get very suspenseful anytime.

The animation was good and so was the art and character designs.

Not much comedy and if there was any it would have been quick light hearted jokes and that’s just it.

Because of its short length the story has been given filler just to pad the time out and it wasn’t really that necessary. Since its also a mystery show as well don’t expect the pacing to be fast. It does take quite a bit of time for the story to get going.

The cgi effects can be a bit obvious sometimes but mostly well done.

The music score was really good as well.

The show was overall very incredible.

The pacing of the show was slow but it did pick up later on.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery fans would really like this.

There was even a playstation visual novel as well based on this series and it would be really awesome having a copy of this on my ps2.


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