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Weiss Kreuz

Weiss kreuz is an anime project by voice actor Takehito Koyasu who you probably know as the voice actor for Dio from Jojo, and it focuses on a group of 4 assassins with their own specialities taking on missions killing criminals while also uncovering a bigger conspiracy behind the events of the story and also cases that focus around their pasts too.

So for the most part it takes a procedural yet overarching arc of the story as time goes by bit by bit so it can be something of a slow burner at times.

The concept of it was pretty interesting and certainly not something you would see in shojo everyday either.

The flower symbolism stuff was also interesting to see and the relgious related stuff too does give golgo 13 vibes too.

I liked the melancholic and noir like atmosphere to the story.

The music was really the best thing about the story every song was pretty good here.

The animation hasn’t aged all that well and it looks pretty rough to look at.

The story can be pretty cliched at times and some of the characters can do really idiotic decision-making too.

The characters were just all meh nothing really special to me personality wise otherwise I did liked their backstories though.

The comedy can be pretty cheesy from time to time something to expect from shojo and it wasn’t anything that much funny either.

The action too was substandard and nothing really that special.

The art was really good and so was the character and background designs.

The voice acting too was also below average nothing really that special either.

Overall it was a ok series.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Honestly, this could have been quite popular today knowing bishie multimedia franchises are these days from hypmic to visual prison is among female anime fans so maybe this could comeback eventually one day.

And with that, this is the final review of 2023 for me because I need a break from this especially after doing so much reviews(don't worry those re and corpse party reviews are this halloweens special review), I think its time for some long deserved rest from being chronically online with review stuff all the time lmao so I'm going to be off from here for a little long while and I'll be back by next year at the start of it that being said, happy early every single holiday ya’ll celebrate and I'll be seeing you around.


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