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07-ghost is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name.

The story focuses on Teito a former slave who is in training at Barsburg military academy getting into a conflict between various different kingdoms in the world.

To start off with the gothic style for the story and art design especially with the characters and kingdoms were very incredible. The atmosphere is pretty bleak which is fitting given the dark fantasy war story its going for.

It was a pretty immersive world that you couldn’t look away for a single sec because of how interesting it was.

The use of religious symbolism was also pretty good and there was a lot of lore to discover in the series.

Its not all doom and gloom as there was a decent amount of comedy in it to help give things a moment of leviity in it.

It does have a slow start to it so its going to take some time for it to pick up.

The animation was pretty decent and it still holds up well even today complimenting the artstyle.

The characters were pretty interesting to get to know and were compelling to see their journey in the story.

The music was also pretty good too and so was the voice acting.

One of the biggest issues is that it looks like its setting up for a sequel but it has yet to happen since it has an issue many anime had in the 2000s with a lack of proper adaptation.

Don’t bother with the filler as it really just drags the story longer than it should be.

This was an overall decent adaptation.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

It certainly would benefit from a manga accurate reboot.


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