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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

This is a open world cyberpunk game that is an immersive sim similar to games like Dishonored. And like Dishonored this uses a first-person view. It has a Blade Runner like story as it relates to being human and humanities connection with advanced machinery. It is Developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix.

The game is a sequel to human revolution and the series itself is actually a prequel to the first ever deus ex game.

The story of the game revolves around a lot about conspiracy theories especially ones related towards the illuminati. You play as Adam Jensen a augmented agent of Interpol task force 29 based in Prague who uncovers a conspiracy theory while on a mission in Dubai.

The games story in the game it relates towards how Augmented humans are unclean and not fully human. And regular humans are clean and pure and they are often separated from each other similar to the Apartheid in South Africa. As Jensen is a "aug" or "Panzer" in the game he faces a lot of mistrust from the predominantly human population in the game.

Elias Toufiexs is once again Adam Jensen and he does a solid job of voicing him. Adam Jensen is a multilayered character his most dominant trait is he is a loner and is often melancholic and somber towards things. His personality can be defined by you such as kind and caring or cold and calculating.

The story is pretty engaging and how you played it and how it ended is all up to you the main problem is that the game is short despite its interesting story it leaves a lot of plot points ambiguous and it requires you to pay for story expansions to fill in the missing gaps. And the ending is abrupt after you defeat the final boss the game ends and you can't continue on after you beat the game which sucks. As there was still stuff I wanted to do and it felt like I was missing out on stuff I could have learned about the Deus Ex universe.

And in addition to dlc, the game has a lot of microtransactions in it for bonuses. I rather find stuff in the world naturally and with actual progression. And I didn’t bother buy any of the dlc because I just don't care about microtransactions or buying stuff that is purely cosmetic.

The sidequests are short stories that relate to the world of the game like hunting down a serial killer and like the main story you make decisions that can alter the story of the sidequest and each decision can be either dangerous or diplomatic.

The gameplay you can approach combat in various ways like stealth or going with guns blazing. You have a variety of gadgets,weapons and augmentations to approach any situation with violence or with stealth.

The melee takedowns are in third person where you can take out an enemy lethally and non-lethally and they are fast paced and pretty cool to look at. They require energy and it uses it up each time so use it wisely or find a way around the enemies.

You can upgrade your various augmentations and use special titan augmentations which are for mainly combat purposes to gain the extra advantage whenever you are in a dicey situation.

You can also hack to open doors,access security feeds and hack through turrets to turn them off or use them against the enemies. The hacking process is one of the unique parts of the game you have to find the right access point or else you could get logged out and wait to get back in or set off an alarm which can set up the time limit which gives you a short amount of time to find the right access point. Its pretty useful tool to take control of security devices or to get through doors and safes without having to find the password.

The art direction in the game it's contemporary futuristic I like how digital the world Is and how advanced it looks. The graphics are highly detailed and they look great and it matches the art style the game uses. Its style is highly inspired by Blade Runner and the renaissance which adds to the cyberpunk feel to the story.

The environment of Prague Germany it looks a lot like Prague and enjoyed how much verticality the world has and how you can explore anywhere you go and enter anyway you like.

You have various ways to make choices in the game they are often the lesser of two evils and they affect the story and final ending as well.

I like the dialogue choice of the game you can choose a response and it feels like what you are going to say. And conversations in the game are natural and dynamic with each choice of words you say is going to have an actual response towards it.

There is even moments in the game where you can take a diplomatic approach to complete objectives peacefully without having to use violence and you have to be careful of what you say or else violence may happen.

The game gets a little bit glitchy like the lip synching it tends to be a little bit off at times. But its nothing really to worry about.

I have to say it’s a deep and engaging game and the series reminds me a lot about Blade Runner.

It gets 4 stars

It would have been a 5 star game if it didn’t had missing content and it wasn’t short. But its still a complex game that’s deep storyline and engaging world is recommended if you like games like Dishonored and are into the science fiction genre.

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