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Ghost In the shell 2 innocence

Ghost in the shell 2 innocence is the sequel to the first 1995 movie it's once again directed and written by Mamoru Oshi.

The storyline is not a direct sequel to the 1995 film. It's based off a chapter in the manga Robot Mondo.

The main voice cast is Mary Elizabeth Mcgylnn,Richard Epcar and Crispin Freeman. Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn replaces Mimi Woods as Mokoto Kusangi and she's perfect as the Major. Much of the cast are also voice actors in the Ghost In The Shell SAC anime tv show as well.

It focuses on Batou and Togusua it takes place in 2032 3 years after the events in the first film they have to investigate a series of bloody murders that are committed by Robotic Sex Dolls.

The film's animation it's the collaboration between the talents of Studio Ghibli and Production I.G It's more updated than the first film. The animation looks quite good and the style is the same as the first film. It uses more cgi than the previous film and it looks well done. It still has its cel shaded animation to it. The 3d effects are good but 2d it's not that much impressive it's quite slower than the 3d and lags behind a lot. And the effects can be all over the place making it tricky to see. The visuals are highly detailed and the film looks quite dark.

It continues on with its use of complicated philosophical topics and what It means to be human and the consequences of technology. It is seen in Batou's view. The characters in the film they are cyborgs with enhancements. And they work for a intelligence section of the government known as section 9.

The characters are quite intriguing each of them have their own thoughts and beliefs on life,technology and what their own definition is of being human. I also like the chemistry between Togusua and Batou as they work together to solve this strange mission.

Mokoto Kusangi the best character in the first film appears only later on in the late act. I would have love to see her more as she is not only a skilled character but an intriguing cyborg who wants to figure out what it means to be human and her identity as a whole.

The audio is updated and is still just as sharp as the first film. The sound design is clear and accurate.

The action its quite intricate like the first film each scene is well animated and violent. It has more fights than the first film but it still focuses on the philosophical side as well.

Overall the film is still a solid "sequel" to the original.

The film gets 4 stars

The film is for fans of Ghost In The shell and cyberpunk anime. So check it out if you are interested.

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