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Collar X Malice

Collar x malice is a otome visual novel that focuses on a group of detectives who must stop a conspiracy terroist group called “Adonis”. 

Typical for a seinen series but not really so for an otome or at least what i have noticed. 

The characters where explosive collars meaning one wrong move could lead to death. 

It was engaging to learn each of the characters backstories. 

The story was fairly decent and the noir mystery like atmosphere was interesting. 

Interaction is atypical of a visual novel with choices being happening at certain points of the story. 

Theres also elements of point and click to mainly to look for objects as evidence which is pretty interesting. 

Even a shooter mode too called trigger mode where you have to press the button to shoot the suspect quickly or else risk getting a bad ending. 

Its almost like Danganronpa but more so Psycho Pass and if anything its something now in retrospect Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness would have benefit greatly from though i did wished it was something more along the lines of Snatcher’s gunplay. 

The voice acting was pretty decent. 

The art and character designs were good. 

The music was good too. 

The characters were ok. 

Unfortunately there were some odd dialogue errors here and there. 

There was a good decent amount of replay value too. 

I did liked the user interface style too. 

Overall it was a decent otome. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

There is even an anime movie based off it but as of this writing now release internationally has been announced for it or even the full movie elsewhere on gogoanime or kissanime. 


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