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The 25th Ward The Silver Case

This is the sequel to one of Grasshopper Manufacture's earliest games the Silver Case. And this was out a couple of years before Killer7 was released.

This is the second visual novel game I have played now. This game is a remake like the previous game in the series. But this is made for the ps4 console. It was originally a game for mobile phones but it now no longer exists.

It actually was planned to be a remastered but Suda51 decided to make it into a remake because of how the phone version wouldn't have really worked on consoles like the ps4.

To begin with it. It does have a bit more variety than in the previous game where it was mainly go to point a to point b. And there is a turn based rpg combat system in some sections in the game.

The game like its predecessor is a text based visual novel. That takes place in the 24th ward. And in this game, it focuses on a brand-new ward that is created. Which is meant to represent a comfortable lifestyle of law and order. But with a sinister secret behind it.

The controls are more accessible now to use. Which is a breath of fresh air compared to the clunky design of the previous game. Actions in the game are used by a set of dice. And selecting each action on die is how you are able to progress throughout the game. It can be confusing at times to know which action you should choose because of the design of it. Despite the unique nature of it.

The game's story is dark and its pretty complicated. It takes place 5 years later after the events of the first game and it introduces a new set of characters. With some of the previous ones returning.

It has 3 story modes in it Placebo,Correctness and Matchmaker. Each with its own personal storyline. They all intersect with each other in its own overarching way. There are also brand-new chapters in the game to expand upon the original story. So it also does cover on unexplained parts from the original game before it was remade.

As time goes by and the story levels are quite unique and each covers a different case that leads to a much bigger story behind the new ward that is created.

The story is pretty interesting and I like the neo noir style and tone it uses. It focuses on many themes such as "Killing The Past" like in the first game and in other Suda51 games. And the story like in other Suda51 games. It can be complicated and it does take time to understand the story fully. But it is overall a pretty complex and there is pretty interesting writing in it as well.

The dialogue as well is grim and edgy.

It has Suda51's trademark quirky sense of humor in it. Its bizarre but in a strange way it can be quite humorous at times.

The game has about literally 100 endings in it. You would get a different one depending on the actions of what you did in the game. Nier Automata has 26 endings. Infamous Second Son has 2. But this it has the most endings I have seen in a video game.

The art style now sticks to one style only. It looks dark and edgy as part of the neo noir style of the game. The use of a monochromatic color scheme looks pretty cool. And it matches the dark tone of the game.

The user interface is easy to use and it also matches the dark style of the game. But it might take time to get used to as it is similar to the one in the first game.

The graphics of the game look ok. It is similar to the first game. But it is more detailed and you can finally see things like bloodstains and also it is more upscaled than the last one. There is also words and more pieces of furniture as well in the environments that you explore in the game. So that’s a plus.

The game also has more puzzles than the last game. Such as multiple-choice dialogue where you have to select the right answer. To also entering in passwords in order to access different locations.

So there is a bit more variety than in the last game.

Akira Yamoka returns to do the musical score. And the soundtrack remixed by Akira Yamoka is pretty cool. It works quite well with the dark edgy nature of the game. It has both songs from the first game remixed along with new ones.

There is its downsides to it however.

Puzzles can be pretty confusing and it can be either easy or frustrating.

Since this is a localization in English. Expect some of the dialogue not to make sense at time.

I do feel this game is quite interesting.

I'll give this game 4 stars as I do see it to be an improvement over the first game.

If you really are into suda51 games and mystery visual novels. Than I can recommend this to you.

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