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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

This game is considered one of the best games in the 7 generation of gaming. The series itself is created and developed by Bethesda game studios and this is one of the most notable series they created along with another game similar to this the Fallout series.

The storyline it’s a very big story. Each faction you join has their own storyline like Both The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild in Skyrim are both in stages of recession and when you join them its up to you to help them.

The main story is the Dragons have return the Tamriel. After several years with many of them being hunted down.

You play as the Dovhakhin which is Dragonlanguage for DragonBorn. While you were in the midst of an execution a dragon out of nowhere attacks setting off the games events and you escape with either an imperial or stormcloak soldier both sides currently at each others throats for control of Skyrim.

The most notable thing about the world is its size it is really huge. I still enjoy finding spots and uncovering the lore in the game as the lore of the series is very lengthy and quite complex.

The land of Skyrim is beautiful and seamless you can explore anywhere right after you escape the dragon attack in Helgen.

I like the graphics in the game a lot it looks really detailed and its just a part of the highly immersive nature in the game.

The game has a lot of side quests and content about 300 hours worth of them the game has many factions to join like the StormCloaks and Imperials both of which have their own side storylines.

The variety of the game is plentiful you can level up your character in various ways other than just combat like for example you can craft items through blacksmithing and alchemy which gives you points to choose for your skill tree on the perks system. The more you level up the better your items will be and you can also be able to access even more dangerous quests such as the Daedric quests where you can obtain very powerful items that can help you. And you are given a choice of magic,stamina or health once you leveled up.

You can explore dungeons and solve puzzles that are inside in order to progress and you learn new dragon shouts after exploring one.

The biggest part of the game is fighting dragons hunting them and taking their souls so you can be able to learn new dragon shouts by spending them its fun. As the dragons are kinda tricky but worth fighting. Enemies in the game as well there is so much variety of them from undead draugr to bandits and wildwife danger is everywhere in this game as one moment you can talk to a character the next a dragon can start attacking due to the dynamic open world. So nobody but the essential characters that cannot be killed is safe.

I really love the combat in the game you can dual wield swords,use magic,enchant your weapons with soul gems and disenchanting weapons so you learn the enchantment and use your soul gem and enchantment to create a magically enhanced weapon.

You can spend time customizing your character however you want and you can choose which race you would like to play each containing their own racial bonus. And there is up 9 races in the game such as the Nords who are main inhabitants of Skyrim.

The npcs in Skyrim they all have their own character model and they all take part in various activities like farming and selling stuff from stores. The Radiant AI they have also goes for the enemies as well as each of them is randomly modeled and they have their own voice actor instead of using just the same ones for over and over again.

The puzzle solving in the game is simple you have to match pillars representing the animals or you have to choose the right animal for the door in the dungeon and the solution is on the bottom of the key you have. It's simple but a fun mechanic to show how each dungeon has its own setting and own way to get through to the end.

Having a follower in the game can be quite problematic as they don't always respond to your commands and are likely to fall into traps or start combat even though you do not want them to.

It is still glitchy even to this day and its really recommended if you play it on the latest version. Due to how big the world is and the engine the game uses. I remember encountering some pretty funny ones like the courier showing up naked while giving me a message before it was patched.

It is certainly a great game even to this day.

It gets 5 stars

Best game I have on my ps3 and the best place to start if you want to get into the elder scrolls series. I consider this to be an important part of my history as a gamer on the first time I ever played an open world game.

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