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Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry is a series developed and created by Capcom. And this version I have is the hd collection I got for the ps4.

The 3 games on the disc were originally from the ps2. The series was actually supposed to be Resident Evil 4. But because of the stylish nature of the game was not like the horror nature of resident evil they reworked it into a hack and slash game separate from the resident evil series.

It was created by one of the former Capcom and Resident Evil developers Hideki Kamiya. Who also helped created the Bayonetta series as well.

The Gameplay in the Devil May Cry series puts emphasis on stylish and challenging combat. You are graded by your combos from D to S and the more well you do the more higher your combo meter gets.

There is a variety of enemies in the game that are pretty scary. And some of them could take you down in a few hits like The Shadow in Devil May Cry 1. The enemies are pretty well designed and they do pose a huge threat in the game.

Each boss in the game require their own different strategy to defeat. I like how challenging they are and each of them does not go so down easily.

Dante can use Devil Trigger for certain weapons that are magically like the Idrift to use powerful attacks on his enemies. You can fill up your devil trigger by repeatedly attacking enemies or being hit and it regenerates health as well and it also provides you with a unique bonus depending on what weapon you are using.

At the end of each mission you are graded depending on how well you have done and the higher you did the more red orbs you would get.

Red Orbs is what is used to purchase abilities and items in the game. In Devil May Cry 1 it Is used to access certain doors in the game.

You can use a variety of sidearms and melee weapons in the game. From Ebony and Ivory and Rebellion as your primary weapons. And as you progress through the game you could be able to find more weapons to use. And be able to unlock new abilities in it as well once you have find it.

There is also secret missions with their own objectives In each game to find and you are rewarded with permanent bonuses once you have completed each of them successfully.

The story for the series is pretty good. Especially Devil May Cry 3. It has a lot of entertaining moments in it like whenever Trish or Dante makes a cocky remark. And there is also has its share of dark moments as well.

My favorite characters in the series are Dante,Vergil,Trish and Lady. Especially Dante and Vergil.

They both are pretty cool characters and Dante always has a remark up his sleeve no matter what situation. And he is also a really skilled demon hunter as well and he also has a humorous love for junkfood especially pizza.

Vergil his brother is quiet and calm and much more reserved than Dante. A notable thing about him is his sense of honor and ambition for power. He too as well is highly deadly and he has his own abilities as well in Devil May Cry 3.

I really like the graphics in the game. It goes well with the gothic atmosphere and the gothic art design as well looks pretty creepy and it goes well with the hellish design of the game.

The controls of the game are fun to use. It does take time to get used to it though as the game doesn’t explicitly state to use it other than the manual. So, there is a curve learning to this game.

There is also a variety of unlockables to find like new concept art for the gallery. And you can replay missions again to find stuff you have miss or earn a higher rank.

The musical score as well is pretty good. It fits in well with the game stylish nature and its just as energetic and fast paced as the combat in the game.

Puzzle solving in the game is simple. But interesting its pretty quick to solve as well and it does add variety in the game.

Bloody Palace is an endurance mode of Devil May cry 2 and 3. As you progress after defeating many enemies it will get more challenging and challenging. So best store up on your items and be sure to have a lot of orbs to increase your health and devil trigger permanently. You get this as unlockable for beating DMC 2 and 3.

The upgraded audio quality and sound effects were nice to hear. Its resolution has increased greatly and it looks very sharp.

The series does have its down sides to it. And this will focus on the main problems of it.

The camera angles in the game are like the older resident evil games because of the fixed tank controls. So, it does tend to be confusing to see at times. At least DMC 3 remedied that with having a moving camera at certain points of the game but the camera overall is not a problem most of the time.

Platforming has never been this series strong suit. You have to time it carefully or else you will have to get back up from the beginning over and over again. Especially with its tank control camera style it uses.

Sometimes you may have to refight a certain boss again in order progress through the game. Instead of fighting a different one.

Backtracking is a common thing as well. Going from one place to the other in order to progress through the game.

And also there is no check point system most of the time. As if you quit a level you are going to have to start from all over the beginning and you better save before you quit a level. As there is no auto save in this game.

Overall it is a really good hack and slash series and it gets 4 stars

If you are really into fast paced stylish hack and slash games. And this is one of the best hack and slash games i have played.

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