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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger for the DS is a remastered version of the SNES game of the same name and it contains all of the features from PS1 and SNES versions. The story focuses on Chrono, a young aspiring swordmaster who visits a local fair. While taking part in the activities, he runs across Marle, someone who is a princess named Nadia. She is sneaking out to have some fun instead of performing her royal duties. They decide to hang out together and enjoy the fair.

Chrono’s friend Lucca is working with her father to create a time machine when the device suddenly malfunctions and transports Chrono and Marle into the medieval times. The out of place duo have to find a way back into the present. Lucca is also transported and joins up with Chrono and Marle and they set off to find their way home. They eventually learn about a mysterious being named Lavos who in thousands of years from now, will destroy the earth. Now it is up to Chrono and his friends to stop Lavos from executing his future plans. To do this, Chronos and his companions have to change the past by exploring 7 different eras in history.

Chrono, Marle and Lucca befriend many allies from various time periods who help them on their journey. They also help them solving their own problems such battling prehistoric reptiles that are terrorizing the village or helping the people of the future make their current situation better.

The characters were interesting and unique and the story is very well written and complex. The main theme of this story is time traveling and what would you do to change the past, present and future. You can select the names of your characters if you like. Your story decisions in either the past or the future will have massive consequences. At one point in the game, Chrono sacrifices himself in order to defeat Lavos. This is one of the most tragic parts and there is an option to prevent this by winning a doll that looks like Chrono and placing it instead of the real Chrono so that he can live.

If you choose to spare Magus, one of the antagonists, he becomes a member of Chrono’s party. One key story decision is when Chrono is on trial and witnesses can either vouch or speak against him concerning his actions at the fair at the early part of the game. There are also even hidden side quests in the game that affect how the future will be. On one quest, you have to find a way for plants to grow so in the long term the future can be a brighter place than what it is now.

Each time period you visit has its own distinct design and atmosphere and there are multiple different time periods to visit. 2300 AD for instance, has a dark and bleak atmosphere. The end of time serves as an in between to all other time periods where you can rest up and select which party members you would like as travelling companions.

You can visit dungeons as you progress on your journey where there are elements of puzzle solving. You have to turn off and turn on certain switches and use the DS control system to enter certain passwords. Dungeons are all unique and they have their own methods on how to pass through them. There are many secrets to discover inside and outside of the dungeons.

The game has plenty of lighthearted entertaining moments. one part where you are in Medina village and the non human residents refuse to sell to you, have to get into a fight in order to force them to sell.

There are about 13 different endings to the game depending on your actions and when do you decide to face Lavos. You can play the game at your own pace and you could fight Lavos earlier if you want but it is not recommended. You can make the game as long or as short as you want it to be. The game is challenging without being too difficult. You can have up 3 different party members each with their own play style.

The game has a very customizable combat system. Combat is initiated by either being ambushed or coming into contact with enemies. You can avoid being ambushed by sneaking around them in most cases. Each character has their own different special abilities and stats such as Magus having a high magic attacks or Robo having great strength. You can select either turn based combat which is slower or a fast-paced active time battle system as used in other Final Fantasy games. You can select which enemy you would like to target and which command you would like to use. Enemies and characters can move in many different directions in combat and this is part of strategy in defeating them. Hitting the main enemy can either do little to no damage but cutting off its support system can lower the defenses and prevent the enemy from healing.

The tech system in combat comprises of either special magical or physical attacks. It is based on the magic system in Final Fantasy where you can cast spells but it drains mp meter at the same time so when the mp meter or in this case the tech system runs low, then you cannot use it until you refill your meter with ether.

Each character represents a different element. Chrono is Lightning which means he can use lightning based attacks. Each character also has their own special abilities to use in the tech system. You can practice your magic attacks at the end of time with the master of war Spekkio. Spekkio’s power reflects the current level and power the party has and defeating him will give you special items and capsules to increase your stats. Hit points show how much damage you or an enemy has sustained.

You can combine your tech attacks with either one or all of your par