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0091 is an cyberpunk anime that focuses on Mylene Hoffman a cyborg spy that’s part of the all female number 9 cyborg group taking on various missions in a alternate history world where the cold war is still ongoing where the world is split between the western and eastern bloc.

The plot for the most part is pretty procedural so you can watch almost any episode in any order.

The art was pretty fine the animation did its best to compliment its older artstyle.

The plot premise is pretty interesting albeit it is not an entirely full adaptation since it was 12 episodes at the time the manga was finished many years ago yet strangely never did get a full adaptation as was a symptom of many 2000s anime at that time period.

The action of it was generally ok too.

I did like the espionage meets cyberpunk atmosphere to it.

The characters were generally fine for the most part don’t really expect much character development especially given the procedual focus of the story.

I also did liked the music too.

Theres quite a bit of fanservice which in this case does make sense given the nature of its story.

The voice acting was okay too.

Overall it was a pretty decent series.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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