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ai the sominum files nirvana

Ai the sominum files nirvana is a sequel to the first game.

It takes place a few years after the first game and it focuses on another bizzare murder case that has to be solved and another strange conspiracy surrounding the events of the murder.

Like many Uchoski written games, it has a lot of complex psychological themes that are not exactly the most easy to follow and combine it with the cheesy tone it just feels almost out of place now that you think of it because of the weird comedy in it.

You can find out the events of the previous game to help you be caught up with the story.

The artstyle was pretty decent too.

The game has a flow chart so you can revisit and see other routes you can take in order to reach the true ending.

The game has a really eccentric and very quirky tone to it and it wasn’t really that funny to be honest here.

Theres investigative sections where you have to walk around and interact with objects and people to try and figure out what was the cause of the events that has happened and also switch to various eyesight modes depending on what you need to do to solve puzzles.

Lot of qte events are involved too which after a while just becomes boring than anything exciting.

New to this game is the wink mechanic where you can see characters inner thoughts before the crime.

Theres a difficulty mode too where puzzles and how much time you have to solve them vary based on what you do.

Eyeballie is a digital pet raising game that gives various bonuses based on how well you raise them.

The cyberpunk setting otherwise was pretty interesting.

The graphics in the game looks pretty dated and not really the best per say.

The voice acting and the dialogue is cheesy and not really that great to be honest here too.

The characters were generally ok nothing really too unique or special about them its really just psycho pass but on drugs here lol.

The music was pretty good too.

Overall it was a decent game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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