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Angel Sanctuary Ova

The angel sanctuary 3 part ova is an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Kaori Yuki.

It was made mainly to promote the manga when at the time it was still ongoing.

It focuses on Setsuna Sudo getting caught up in the world of angels and demons at war with each other and of course the incestuous feelings Setsuna has to their sister especially with whats been going on at home with being seperated during a divorce. It still has that pretty open minded approach to incest like in the manga.

Lot of the content of the story is sadly missing as a result of the format it uses so it misses a lot of the kind of impact that the manga had as the stakes gets a lot higher when the story progresses more here it was really a short sample of the early story and it crams in quite a bit of stuff that would be better off in a tv format.

At least the themes and concepts from the manga are still mostly in tact.

The voice acting was generally fine.

The music here is very fitting.

The atmosphere mainted that gothic feel like in the original books and its so far one of the very few Kaori Yuki times Kaori Yuki has worked on an anime with their artwork in it and its still great.

The animation looks dated but still servicable.

Overall it wasn’t really a good adaptation.

It gets 2 out of 5 stars.


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