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anonymous code

Anonymous code is the latest entry into the science adventure series by mages inc. 

Same as before you can start off with this entry without having to play others while maintaining some callbacks to other games.


It focuses on hacker Pollon Takoka being caught up in a conspiracy theory where he must find out the truth and as expected somehow committee of 300 is involved and its up to him and friends to stop it. 

Whats notable about the game is the save and load aspect where similar to the chaos series you can alternate reality and change events as Pollon has a mysterious ap called “AR” that is able to change events. 

You have to save and load at the right times or else its game over. 

Its really a matter of luck trying to save and load at the right time because of how slippery it can be from time to time. 

The characters are fairly animated as its taking notes from more recent updated entries in the science adventure series. 

The characters themselves were generally ok and nakano symphony to be honest they sort of felt like a rehash of the previous teams from other games than anything else. 

The tpmd cyber security control is basically a throwback to the maids from steins gate but in this game, its more so altered to really appeal to fans of astral chain with the police aspects and oshi no koi with the idol aspects so nothing really new here. 

The art was good and theres quite a bit of manga panel styled scenes here and there. 

It has a cyberpunk setting and its pretty good and the game is set in the far far future so topics that are in development and not really for mainstream consumption like brain activated computers or quantum computing which by 2020 has said to be finished in development are now easily accessible to the general public. 

The pacing here in this game is more to the point and not really focused on the slower slice of life moments the series is notable for especially in the earlier games and its more linear. 

Quantam computers are said to be even more powerful than the average computer be it from google,microsoft or apple. 

The game has also a focus on the 2038 problem which is said to be something similar to the well infamous y2k incident. 

The game also does sort of include a real world topic called “crypto” especially “Blockchains” and just like it is in the real world, its just as disastrous and often suspect to exploitation. 

Of course, there is going to be some mention of “AI” here and there especially since these days AI and Crypto are pretty hot topics at the moment.  

Like before the game has its own in game dictionary to give you simplified terms of complex topics or made up in game topics like the fictional pop culture parodies the series is known for. 

So overall in terms of story, this has to be the most closest to reality I can remember the science adventure series has ever been its always been pretty grounded in reality but here it actually really feels like lot of the stuff you see in the game is likely to happen in real life. 

The English voice acting and localization was really not good and it just came off as more cringey than entertaining.  

The user interface style was pretty good and I did liked the 3d cel shaded graphics. 

You can choose Japanese audio dubbing though. 

The music is pretty good too. 

Overall it was  a decent entry in the series. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

So the next in science adventure series to come out is the thematic sequel of steins gate and eventually a localization of occultic nine. 



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