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Another is an anime adaptation of the novel series of the same name. A new student has recently transferred to the school in class 3 and seems unaware of the tragic events that have occurred in the school’s history. He gets caught up in the horrible stuff along with someone who is connected to the past events from the school’s dark history.

The deaths start in April and are connected to the increase in Class 3 students and one person dies every month until Class 3 graduates.

This story is notable for the cruel and unusual ways students die from being stabbed to death with an umbrella to the elevator scene. Deaths are unexpected as anyone can die at anytime. There were very few lighthearted scenes and the famous dance scene is the best one that I can come up with. Otherwise, the atmosphere in the school is dark and forbidding.

The artstyle and the animation are very well done. The music was really good too, especially the opening by Ali Project. The voice acting was also decent, both sub and dub. The anime is short but effective with its use of time. Mei was the best character in the series and it was compelling seeing his interactions with others. Overall this was one of the best horror anime I've seen in a while.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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