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cafe enchante

Café Enchanté is a visual novel from Idea Factory for the Nintendo Switch. The story is about Kotone, the café she inherited from her grandfather and the colorful cast of interdimensional beings that frequent it. The story is a mix of slice of life with some Isekai influences. The atmosphere is lighthearted and fun with solid comedic elements. Interaction is mostly based around dialogue choices and not much else.  

The story isn’t really that overly long, only about a few hours for each route. 

The voice acting and artstyle were good and the music too was fine. The user interface was nice and easy to use.  

The concept of the story is interesting, and the characters too were generally ok. Kotone as the main character was likeable and interesting. She does have pretty realistic reactions to all the antics that happen around her and her being able to voice them too from time to time. There is a fair amount of replay value in the game. There are a few subtle references to other Idea Factory created Otome games like Collar X Malice. The biggest issue I found were the translation quality as there were some errors. 

Overall it was a ok game. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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