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Chocolate Railroad

Chocolate Underground is an anime adaptation of the English Childrens book of the same name. The country is run by a dictatorial government which has banned all sweet treats including chocolate. When their favourite candy shop starts suffering because of the ban, teens Smudger and Huntly, discover an illegal factory secretly producing chocolate. With the help of the kindly conveinence store owner Mr. Blades, the three friends start their own underground chocolate business.

The animation and artwork were just ok while the characters design was a little better. It was done by Production I.G and Trans Arts before they went out of business. The music and the voice acting were serviceable but nothing special. Each episode is about 5 minutes long but carries a good amount of content, so it is very fast paced. Longer episodes could have seen more story telling and character development. There's a good amount of comedy given the somber nature of the story.

The characters are simple but effective enough to get you to support them in overthrowing the cruel government. Given the dystopian nature of the story, its surprising that this anime is more on the fun escapist genre for kids to enjoy.

Overall, it was an entertaining anime.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

If you like Psycho Pass, you may like Chocolate Underground.


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