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Clover is a cyberpunk manga created by CLAMP. Sue is a young girl with very special abilities. She can manipulate technology and can teleport and make objects appear as if by magic. Sue and others like her are called “Clovers” Sue is kept separate from the rest of society in the guise of national security as here powers are considered too dangerous. Sue is accompanied by an ex soldier Kazuhiko, who is enlisted by the government to find other Clovers. Kazuhiko and Sue travels to Fairy Park, a place where they hope to find others like Sue.

The characters, in particular Sue, were compelling enough to keep the story engaging. Because she is locked away, Sue is pretty lonely and seeks companionship. The story is told in a nonlinear order from ending, middle to beginning in reverse. The atmosphere is dark and melancholic which is fitting given the setting. The art was really great and conveys Sue’s feelings of emptyness and lonliness. The character designs were very good as well.

The manga is fairly short but supposedly there are 2 more clover books coming out to further flesh out and complete the story, but that remains to be seen. Despite the shortness, the manga does a decent enough job to give the characters some backstory into their pasts that led to the events being played out.

Overall it was an excellent read.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

There is a music video adaptation that takes the prologue of the story but whether a full adaptation of it when the manga is finally finished remains to be seen.


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