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Conception is an anime adaptation of the JRPG of the same name.Itsuki a regular highschooler who learns that his cousin is pregnant. The two get transported to another world called Granvia. Itsuki is the “Father” of star babies from star maidens who are special women chosen to “birth” star babies for various purposes and now Itsuki must save the world from total destruction by impregnating as many women he can.

The pacing is blink and you will miss it fast as there is so much stuff crammed into one episode. The characters were tropey and blandpretty much what you see in any other anime.The action was predictable and boring.The comedy is just crass and not very funny especially the jokes from Mana who was just so grating as to be unwatchable. The animation was average but the artstyleand the music were generally okay.Giventhe plot, there was fanservice so at least the story was as faithful as it can get with its short run time.

Overall this was not a good adaptation.

It gets 2 out of 5 stars.

Best to play Thousand Arms if you want a good harem romance from ATLUS instead.


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