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Cry Machina is a JRPG by Fuyru it focuses around androids with human consciousness trying to figure out their situation as well as the truth to why humanity has been wiped out. 

The most notable thing about the game is like Blue Reflection it focuses on a entirely female cast and also aside from the melancholic nature of the game theres also alot of story themes borrowed from games like Nier Automata and Final Fantasy 7. 

The story itself was fairly interesting and the characters were not really anything that unique or interesting. 

The graphics and visuals are incredibly detailed and its really one of the best looking Fuyru has done as a huge step up from their previous line of games having even by older game standards, below average graphics and visuals. 

The gameplay is pretty fast paced and hectic but albeit button mashing at times even on causal mode and enemies just being challenging to the point of them being annoying and cheap. 

The game is repetive its mainly go to this part defeat boss backtrack on ocassion and thats bout it and checkpoints in game are sparse and often trial and error all the way back to the beggining occurs. 

The amount of micromanagement for equiping stuff just becomes a hassle to the point its really not worth almost equiping any of the newer stuff because of the amount of disadvantages outweighing the advantages.  

Otherwise you have alot of in depth customization options to go for and party members having their own unique playstyle to them. 

The amount of filler in this game too isn’t really helpful especially with a level cap too that just makes combat more harder than it should be, i understand its necessity for a game like, lunar silverstar story on the ps1 and the newer remastered versions of the tactics ogre games but not crymachina. 

Its actually a fairly short game but without the filler or cheap enemy tacitcs you could easily finish this game quicker than even trace memory or hotel dusk room 215 and those games were short for a reason. 

Not helping either is the mandatory tutorials that just breaks the flow of combat. 

It has a pretty great soundtrack. 

The dialogue can be a bit iffy at times mainly due to the shoddy quality of NIS being involved with the localization. 

Overall it was an average game. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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