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The series is developed by Spike Chunsoft and NIS and this is a port from the portable PlayStation consoles to the ps4 consoles.

In each story of the game the character is selected to be part of a elite high school called Hopes Peak Academy that is considered to be the best in the entire country and graduating means that they are set for life.

In each game a group of 16 students who are considered to be “ultimate's” those who are considered the best of the best in each respective field.

In the first game one character Makoto Nageuchi he is pretty much an average nobody he is considered to be the “Ultimate lucky” which really means that he is really one of a kind to be in the school despite his average background and average personality. So he is really no different initially to a typical Shonen character in a slice of life setting. Also he is something of a pushover as well to the more intimidating students. Sometimes he can be pretty gullible and too trusting and he has tendencies to pointing out the obvious. He also extremely idiotic and socially awkward when it comes to social interactions with others at times.

He only likes whatever is popular only because he is just indifferent about who he is in life and what kind of person he is going to be growing up. As a pacifist he goes for a more diplomatic and open minded approach to investigations and is willing to give the benefit of the doubt to suspects in most cases but this often can be more harmful then good. He is also way too over optimistic and always thinks that everyone is his friend.

In the second game a more realistic and cynical protagonist comes along the way and he is a lot more direct and blunt in contrast to Makoto Nagekuchi. His name is Hajime Hinata in contrast to the series characters he has no known “ultimate ability” shown for the time being but his peers do consider him to have high amounts of potential to doing great things. Particularly his guidance counselling abilities towards those he is close to and he really has no trust in others in initially and he lets his honest thoughts be known to what he really thinks about the people he is around.

He has amnesia and does not really remember how he ended up in the place that he is in along with every other student.

He is very nervous and insecure around the other ultimate students and he has a lot more negative opinion of them then Makoto did. He is also unafraid to call out on other ultimate students in his class for their own stupid mistakes and plotholes in their way of thinking unlike Makoto.

The third game introduces a misanthropic introvert protagonist Kaede Akamatsu behind her optimism and friendly disposition.

She is the ultimate pianist and a contestant in the Danganronpa reality snuff tv show called Monokuma Monokuma Hunter Killer.

Actually she was the false main protagonist the real one is Shuichi Saihara as the ultimate detective a insecure, socially awkward and sociopathic student.

He only sees himself as a ultimate just because he helped solve a cold case the police wasn't able to solve.

The second game is on a field trip to an tropical island where the new group of students are on a field trip to a tropical island.

It was supposed to be a event for peace and harmony and the students had no idea how they end up there

The third game this is the final killing game and this is a snuff reality tv show and the main cast for this game are sociopathic,misanthorpic and more vicious character than the last games.

The second game is a field trip that turns out to be a murder game once monokuma starts to take over.

The games is shown through a first person perspective moving around from place to place.

In the second game it introduces a side scroller mechanic where you can go from one island to the next and you can fast forward to speed it up.

The controls on the ps4 are easy to learn and familiar to those who have played the portable versions originally.

Both these characters share a surprising skill in intelligence and investigation and are very adept at befriending others and solving their own personal problems

In the school there is no contact at all in the outside world because in reality the outside world is filled with chaos and despair.

In the games the outside world there is a event known as The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History or “The Tragedy” for short.

In the outside world its filled with despair and chaos all over the world many people have died and the state of the world is a apocalypse.

All of the students parents were killed and some were even killed by their own children. Anarchy and destruction caused by supporters of despair runs rampart and there is no such thing as hope in the outside world.

The future foundation was eventually formed to stop despair and bring peace to the world.

It comprises of those who survive the first games events and their main goal is to stop the killing games and chaos.

They are more of a background role in the games and serves as supposedly the hero group of the series besides the surving students.

The story themes are mature and grim and the games are very emotionally driven.

It focuses on the concepts of hope and despair and how easily it can change from either emotions.

The main protaganists really can’t give into despair and neither can anybody but at the same time nobody can’t really escape in the situation they are in.

The game also focuses on the dark side of humanity and deception and how reality varies from one person to the other. In Danganronpa 3 it shows how really sick the human race can be and how reality television combined with sadism.

In the game even though the player knows its entirely fictional the characters think this world is the real world.

The game did went way too far with the hope beats all narrative as in reality both in game and real life it has to take determination and logic to survive a game like the killing game and optimism alone is not going to stop it.

The story of the game is a mixture of gothic elements,surrealism and murder mystery.

If the preparator is caught they are killed in a poetic and very ironic manner brutally and the deaths are related to their own personalities and which field they are considered “Ultimate” in.

If you think about one death in the game where one character is being put to the stake and set on fire is that the character would have wanted to die on their own terms in a extraordinary manner but in reality they went out the opposite way where the person died without any hope in their heart and it was by a way they did not wanted to be killed from.

Murder is the key design to the school system.

The only way to “graduate” is to kill another student without being caught.

Everyone has a different motive for being a killer whether its from desperation or vengeance or just by impulse no case plays out the same at all.

Anything goes when it comes to murder and none of its going to be quick or clean.

The games graphics in the ps4 version looks really well done and the textures and level design is highly detailed for the most part.

The background designs of the game looks fully well made.

The anime styled cutscenes are nicely animated and the art style of the game is dark and edgy as the story itself.

The character models were all very unique and not one character looked the same as the other.

You have 3 different difficulty modes in the game and depending on which you choose you get either less bullets or more bullets to choose from and class trials don’t give much hints.

As you explore and progress through the game more locations are opened up in the games.

You can fast travel from point to point when found a new area and this can also lead you to a nearby character you may want to be with.

The control system was easy to learn and it plays out like a point and click game.

The user interface of the game was very easy to use and go around you can read the profiles of characters and how your progress between relationships are so far.

In Danganronpa 3 you can now be able to change the color scheme and theme of the user interface.

You can also cross save between the vita and ps4 for Danganronpa 3 as well.

Cerebral and surreal does not even begin to describe how unorthodox the story can be. The games stories are more violent as time goes by and Danganronpa 3 is without a doubt the most violent and also the most psychologically disturbing.

The atmosphere tone can range from being a slice of life school simulator outside of the main story to a dark and edgy game of survival where characters die one by one in sadistic methods of execution.

The game has a lot of tragedy in it from backstories to how characters you care about dying you really never know that your friend could either be a killer or a victim.

The black comedy of the game was pretty sarcastic,morbid and its pretty funny and the game has a variety of topics to joke about and all of them are x rated.

One joke was when Makoto and Kyoko meeting in the bathroom for a meeting about what is going on and Monokuma shows up out of no where and considering how there is camera in the bathroom he goes on extremely graphic detail of what they were doing and the game also secretly mocks censorship laws as well with his graphic detail being bleeped out and it ends with “all over her”. Leaving to the players imagination of what kind of sexual activities allegedly that they were doing.

Another joke was also mocking Sonic The Hedgehog quite subtly also made by Monokuma.

Other common topics for dark jokes would be about grisly murder,suicide,bodily harm and sex.

Alot of plottwists in the game happens at the least expected moments and when they occur you really couldn’t believe that one such character can be capable of doing such murders.

One such twist was actually handled very well Chichiro was actually a crossdress disguising himself as a girl due to his inferiority complex and low self esteem. The character was not a check box to fill in just to push in a narrative not in the slightest possible way. You couldn’t even suspect that he was crossdressing due to how subtle his disguise was and the clues were subtle and not forced in at all either.

Instead of focusing on the obvious it instead focuses on the motive and why he was killed and nothing felt forced in at all.

That person you are friends with the next day could either end up being a victim to a brutal murder from another friend or that the person you befriended was the murderer all along.

With all of the main games together you get to enjoy a complete experience from start to finish and the story is pretty complicated so it does take a while to understand fully.

Most of the characters in the game are very unorthodox and they don’t fall into any clichés.

The character development as well is one of the best things about the stories of the game and its pacing as well its methodical as any murder mystery but it takes its time to set up the events instead of rushing it all out all at once.

The stakes in the story are very high as anybody can be killed at any moment.

The character chemistry between characters is varied and develops to either friendship or rivalry depending on how much you interact with characters.

Kyoko Kirigiri is one such character that I found to be very stand out in the series.

She is pretty thorough and analytical and her skepticism and her cold and calm demeanor means that she never jumps to conclusions and she never takes anything at all at face value.

She takes her own time doing things at her own pace instead of rushing things along and she is very sensitive and introverted as part of her personality and despite her personality aspects she is actually a deeply loyal and kind friend to others and she is deeply disturbed by the events of the game.

The reason why for her cold nature is to protect herself from being deceived from others and the fact that she wears gloves all the time is a reminder to never let her guard down at all times.

Nagito Komaeda was another standout character in the games.

He is one part laid back and friendly but the other part very elusive and mysterious.

He is not on one side nor the other he works his own agenda being for the side of “hope”. He has a very insightful way of thinking and he is actually really smart and good at investigating.

Friendship building is a important element if you want to survive in the game.

You can give your friends gifts from time to time during free time and this can either deepen your friendship or sour it depending on the gifts you have as each character has their own preferences.

As you befriend the other students more entries are given to the tablet you have and you learn more about their own personal life and what makes their personality on what they are.