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Danganronpa The Animation

Danganronpa the anime is an adaptation of the video game series of the same name. 

Like in the games it focuses on the class of hope’s peak academy as they must survive a killing game and figure out who’s killing the students and try to get out of the school and figure out the mystery of whats behind it and the inevitable “punishment time” too. 

Same concept as before with ultimate unique talented students.  

The humor is as cringey as it was before i never really complained bout the humor back then but now after playing quite a bit of spike chunsoft media over the years now I've started to really dislike it. 

The characters are the same as before in the original game like Byauka being as incredibly annoying as ever. 

Makoto is still as naive and gullible and too trusting for his own good. 

Kyoko is still pretty much the best and really only likable character with common sense out of anyone in the cast. 

You're not going to be seeing the character bonding as much as it was before due to the fast pacing. 

The Japanese voice cast returns to reprise the characters which is good otehrwise the different voice actors in the dub yeah its just as bad now in retrospect as it was in the original games. 

The animation and artstyle are good and faithful to the original games. 

The cgi on the otherhand the games came out way back in the early 2010’s initally on portable consoles yet the graphics there looks way better than what Lerche gave. 

The music is as good as ever. 

The story is incredibly condensed so a good chunk of story from the original game is missing due to the 12 episode run time. 

Like in devil survivor 2’s anime adaptation dead people get crossed out in the openings which is a cool touch. 

Otherwise it remains fairly faithful for the most part. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

Its really for hardcore fans of the series so only go for it if you really like danganronpa, and also recently the voice actress in the Japanese dub sadly passed away so rest in peace to her and also the singers of dead or lie too who unfortunately passed away one from illness and the other from taking her own life apparently and may god rest all of their souls and also may god rest the soul of Akira Toryiama too thank you all for your contributions to anime and pop culture. 


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