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Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers is one of the many adaptations of the digimon series and its actually the first time i ever watched something from the digimon series I've played a couple of the games before but i never really got far because i found them to be boring to really continue further. 

The only real reason honestly i watched it was really cause of Chiaki J from SEL doing the writing for the series. 

It focuses on a group of kids who come across the digimon cards and they must save the world, as some strange events are going on pretty much a typical “mon” type of concept seen and done before. 

I did liked the digital meets real world clash concept the story had. 

The anime is said to be a more “darker” take on the series but it doesn’t really feel like that to me personally. 

The anime does feature something the pokemon series rarely does and its death of the mon type characters so no one is really technically safe here. 


The characters are average at best and not really the most unique per say in typical kids anime at the time. 

Later on during the other half of the series some other cast comes around and takes center stage more so than the other original characters weridly. 

Other than, gotta say you don’t really see philosophical type topics explored from time to time in a 2000s mon card collecting type series like this every so often which was pretty interesting and its something you’ll never see Pokemon ever do especially these days. 

There was quite the decent variety of digimon creatures and interesting evolutions. 

The series is fairly long with about 51 episodes to it. 

Its a slow burner too so don’t expect things to pick up that super quickly knowing Chiaki J’s style of storytelling. 

The animation for its time was generally fine and the art was decent too.  

The cgi you can tell is aged really poorly and the character movements can be stiff too. 

The music was decent. 

Overall it was an ok show. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

This is really meant for hardcore Digimon fans really and there was a sequel anime supposed to happen but voice actors reprising the older roles of the characters in a convince way couldn't happen which is pretty odd if you ask me but it did happen little while ago apparently as a couple of cd dramas one of which apparently was Chiaki J taking the redpill and using digimon as a way to go after woke culture which gotta admit was pretty funny and good to see at least someone in Japan is sticking to their principals. 


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