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digital devil story

Digital devil story Megami Tensei is an anime based of the novel and games of the same series. This is actually focused on the novel then so with the games that now evolved into its own series.

The story focuses on a new transfer student Yumiko Shirasagi who is classmates with Nakajima and gets caught up in a strange occult event that’s been happening right around the school and its up to them to find out whats going on and how to stop this threat.

It has the devil summoning that we see in many of the shin megami tensei games that we know of with using computers as a way to summon them.

The story isn’t really the most easiest to follow, since a lot of random weird stuff can happen from time to time.

The characters too were generally fine too so was also the voice acting.

The action that’s there is pretty decent too. Since its from the 80s like a lot of anime at that time, it had quite a bit of transgressive content in it something the series still proudly continues to do to this day.

The music there too is pretty decent.

The animation its ok but you can easily see that its starting to show its age now.

The atmosphere is pretty horror like as back then Shin Megami Tensei was pretty horror focused.

Other than that, overall the anime ova was ok.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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