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Fire Emblem 3 Hopes

Fire Emblem 3 hopes is a musou spin off that’s an alternate version of the 3 houses storyline.

It focuses on Shez a mercenary recruited by the officers academy to help the 3 houses depending on which route you go with to victory.

Character wise everyone is the same as before and Shez has a lot more personality and charisma than Byleth personally for me.

The time management system returns where you can choose to bond with your teamates with certain activties that you can get bonuses from.

You can get more activity points as time goes by.

Its hack and slash combat per the typical musou game where you capture enemy territory and defeat waves of enemies with your own special abilties based on the character you are using.

Some enemies do tend to be overpowered damage sponges a symptom of many musou games.

Each route has its own ending depending on your actions during the story as well as relationships you have with your peers and you get bonuses in combat the higher the relationship status is.

You take part in various missions before you progress through the chapter and it does admittedly drag on longer than it really should have been.

The voice acting was as good as ever with everyone coming back to reprise their roles special credit to Billy Kametz who tragically passed away.

The artstyle was pretty good and so were the graphics.

Since it’s a fire emblem crossover the tactical elements from upgrading classes and changing them to planing where you want your allies to be and what commands they should go for is there and its come a long way from the first fire emblem warriors game.

Pairing up makes its return where you and a ally can work together to fight enemies.

The paralogue stories are there too like before.

Weird how the ashen wolves story is packaged as dlc when it should have been part of the base game as is.

The music is pretty decent too.

Overall it was a good game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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