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Furou Kyoudai

Furuou kyoudai is a manga focusing on the misadventures of the twins Daisuke and Kyou who do just about anything together

That even includes bathing too so yeah, if you aren’t a fan of comedy like that you best skip it


It was writen by the Takane To Hana mangaka.

The twins have an ability to see spirits and like psychic detective yakumo and ghost hunt other mystery ghost shoujo, the twins try to help resolve their matters when they were still alive so they could finally move on in peace.

Its 5 chapters so its sadly on the short side here and pacing here as a result can be pretty inconsistent at times.

The artstyle and character designs were pretty decent.

The gothic atmosphere was there with a dash of humor so it kind of reminded me of xxxholic.

The comedy was generally fine too.

The twins were pretty interesting, I would say they’re the animanga equavalent of Edgar and Ellen a cartoon I remember seeing on tv ages ago back on ytv way before i switched to anime full time.

Overall it had quite a bit of promise in it that could made an interesting full series.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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