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Godhand is a beat em up game that was part of the infamous capcom 5 like killer7 it was supposed to support the gamecube but all of the games flop are pretty uncommon to find and if you do find any physical copies its going to be pretty expensive.

It was devolped as a result of Shinji Mikami at the was really not happy with how some of the final fight games were at the time so he decided to make this into a true beat em up experience.

This is not for begginers of the genre this game was really made for the veterans of the genre.

It’s story focuses on Gene who was recently given the power of the godhand and must defeat the bad guys with it and save the damsel in distress.

The characters in the game aren’t the most original but are so cheesy like even the villains too were having a good time because of how wacky the plot was.

Not exactly the most original but its by far one of the most wackiest even outdoing devil may cry with its comedy.

The comedy in the game really fits the story and there was not a single joke that fell flat it’s a mix of various styles of comedy from the east to west so it has a bit of something for everybody.

You can buy and sell new moves depending on the situation in combat and combat is as easy or hard as you want it to be since its adaptive by nature.

The more powerful the enemy the more points you get for upgrades.

With the godhand meter the more enemies especially powerful ones you defeat the more powerful your godhand abilties will be.

You really can’t rely on the same moves all the time in the game since it gets tougher the more you progress.

The graphics are pretty good and so is the art.

The wild west enviroment style was pretty interseting.

The voice acting and dialogue is just absoultely out of pocket insanity with literally every joke just being so hilarious you will not stop laughing.

Enimies in this game is really smart they will do anything in their power to try and take you down and not just try to mindlessely hit you all the time.

Finding godhand orbs will help you power up your abilties when you are in combat.

You can visit the casino to take part in minigames.

The music too was also pretty good.

It gets a 5 out of 5 stars.

This is really one of the best beat em ups out there and it deserves a comeback one day.


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