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hell girl

Hell Girl is an anime series created by Studio Deen about a girl who becomes accessible via a website at 12 midnight. She sends someone to hell for people who request it but later comes back for the requestor’s soul. Ai Enma the titular Hell Girl as she carries those who were cursed by people who seek revenge to the pits of hell, and in return, she claims their souls on the day they die for entering a covenant with her. All you have to do to get the person sent to hell (as well as yourself eventually) is to pull a red string and the person immediately is sent into hell.

The episodes are pretty formulaic, and you can watch any episode and not have to worry about missing out on anything. Some episodes were recycled in later seasons. But then again, many of the episodes were so similar that they seemed the same. As time goes by more characters who are somehow connected to Ai Enma join the cast. These companions had the best personalities and stood out the most because of how colorful they were, and for the various ways they took people into hell.

Ai Enma, despite her stoicism, questions her job from time to time but is still highly effective as there is a never-ending supply of bad people to hunt down. Many people who ask for her Ai Enma’s help have very understandable reasons to do so and the majority of the characters who get sent into hell are very unsympathetic.

The animation was pretty decent, and the art was very good. The music was pretty solid and the voice acting was decent. The atmosphere was dark and the more you watched it the more you root for Hell Girl and her companions to send people to hell. You know that the person is going to hell but the way they carry it off has a dark comedic flair. The world it isset in is pretty bleak and dark and pretty much almost everyone in the story is at some point going to be sent into hell due to how evil they were.

Some of the “villains” weren’t really villains they were just innocent people being killed just because someone didn’t like them for the most pettiest reasons imaginable which is sort of breaking the premise as the anime is about sending bad people into hell. There were some plot holes and some parts that really did not make much sense.

Overall, it's an ok anime series.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

If you like Yu gi oh or death note you may like this.


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