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how to keep a mummy

How to raise a mummy is an anime adaptation of the manga series that is currently ongoing as of this writing of the same name. 

It focuses on Sora who recieves a present from their dad while traveling around the world and Sora isn’t exactly fond of their dad’s gifts due to how lot of them backfiring a lot. 

However this one gift, happens to be a miniature yokai mummy and eventually others start to show up and the story focuses on Sora and company lives with these yokai like beings. 

The animation of the series was below average and nothing really that special either. 

The artstyle was generally ok too and the yokai designs were all unique and fitting.

The story itself, while fairly simple and unique on paper, its execution otherwise isn’t all that remarkable, starting with the characters none of them were really appealing or interesting and were just carboard cut out tropes we have seen done countless times before.


The comedy too none of the jokes were that funny or really anything unique either. 

The biggest problem I found was the on and off inconstent tone ranging from slice of life to drama on and off while I know its nothing new but still it just felt way to inconsistent like they were not really sure how they were going to market this. 

The music was generally fine too. 

It was fairly short too you can finish this in one sitting at 12 episodes. 

Overall this was really a bland show.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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