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jujutsu kaisen

Jujujtsu Kaisen is an anime based on the manga of the same name.

It focuses on a student Yuji who gets caught up in a bunch of strange demonic like events that’s been like going for ages related to the occult and uncover the mysteries behind them.

Like in CSM, these types of demons feed off like the negative energy of human beings that only makes them more powerful, as time goes by.

Yuji has like the ability to summon Sukuna a powerful demon to aid him in combat after accidnetally eating a artifact related to him.

Not exactly the most original concept per say especially if you’ve covered like a fuck ton of demonic related shit over the years lol but still entertaining enough to keep you engaged cause the lore here can be pretty facinating to learn from time to time.

The characters were ok enough Gojo you can say is like the gen-z version of master roshi both being eccentric teachers but otherwise badass characters in combat and yeah, still a wasted opportunity not seeing that reunion but it could happen much later on as the series progresses.

Gojo was a mix of funny and serious he was basically my favorite character in the series and I can see why lot of people like him.

Also to get this out of the fucking way, no this is not the first fucking animanga series to have strong female leads, I've been in this fucking fandom for about decades of my life and no, I've been seeing strong female leads from shit like castlevania order of ecelesia to parasite eve and I can tell you that these types of ladies have been around for fucking ages lot of the reason why you won’t be seeing that much fanservice is from a notable story that the mangka’s family reads this series so that would be awkard to see yet ShindoL’s own mother literally wanted the mc of metamorphis to be more rapeable lol.

But still I think the girls in JJK can be pretty hot lol anytime Nobara has an action scene she certainly does steal the show because of how cool she is in battle. And Maki too was also pretty hot and her choice of glasses is pretty iconic af too lol.

Each sorcerer had their own special abilties to utilize to help them out. I’m not big on anthromorphic charaters but the idea of a talking panda was pretty hialrious ngl, he had some of the best comedy in the show lol.

It’s a fairly long series too with even more story to come.

I did liked the character interactions it helped kept the story to keep you engaged more into it.

The comedy was nothing too special honestly I was more indifferent then really had any kind of laughs.

The action was pretty decent enough.

The atmosphere yeah it can be dark and edgy but otherwise with the comedy It just throws it off because of how pretty fucking annoying it can be at times.

Thet animation was pretty solid too and so was the artstyle.

The demon designs too were pretty cool looking and the human designs too were fine.

The music too was also pretty good and its how I found out about the muscian Eve and it has something for everybody here like the world ends with you having a fuck ton of different genres to go through.

Overall it was a decent enough anime.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Theres still a fuck ton of more story and character development to go and the manga is supposedly said to be ending eventually but still hope for that reunion Nobara could get one day because I think it would be cool to see happen and there’s even a fighting game coming out soon too so yeah it’s a pretty interesting anime but shame about how fucking psychotic and clout thirsty the fandom is like aot,mha,fma and really just bout any mainstream hot shit shonen anime/manga can really be especially these days post covid pandemic these fuckers don’t deserve anything at all and you’re better off enjoying this series on your own and long story short to conclude this rant as always block report and ignore and just stick to enjoying things on your own and you’ll be fine peace out ya’ll.


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