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kirby super star ultra

Kirby SuperStar Ultra is a remake of the original game from the snes to the ds.

The game is a mini game compilation with about 8 mini games that you can unlock the more you play and complete them. It was designed to be like an omnibus of many games in just one cartridge.

Like in many kirby games copying enemy abilties is the main form of combat.

Theres also sub games as well and the remake adds even more fun ones to take part in as well too.

Meta knights revenge is him trying to conqueor dream land but you have to destroy his ship in a period of time before it can happen. Meta Knight ultra is another mode where you can play as Meta knight.

Spring breeze is based off Kirby’s Dreamland. Revenge of the king is a lot more tougher though.

Great cave offensive is Kirby finding as much treasure as possible.

Milky way wishes revolves around resorting the comet clock nova.

The graphics are nice and still nice to this day and the music is always a blast to hear especially gourmet race. Also included are enhanced audio and fmv styled cutscenes as well too.

True arena is an updated version of the original arena in the game where you fight the bosses of the game. Its tricky but still lot of fun.

Controls are very easy to approach.

A few new abilties were introduced like the yo-yo for example.

It was the first kirby game where he has those trademark hats each time he swallows an enemy that has special abilties and uses it to get around to proceed objectives which is interesting. Also the first one where he gets helpers that helps him with getting through levels as well too not always helpful though since it kind of acted weird where it wasn’t helping you when you need it to be.

You can play the game on co-op mode but nintendo wi fi for the ds is discontinued so guess you can’t play that.

Its overall a really solid game.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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