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No More Heroes 3

No more heroes 3 is the 3rd entry in the series and it’s a comeback after decades of stagnancy while Suda51 was focusing on other projects.

Like before it focuses on Travis Touchdown taking down the villains to be number one as here its not the assassins but alien superheroes who are really using their “heroic” acts to justify their villainy and its up to Travis to stop them.

Age honestly never mellowed Travis as Travis is still as wild as in the earlier games.

This game out of anything I've seen has to be the most references to pop culture out of anything I've seen be it in anime,manga or video games and it really makes sense since the game is a satire on the now oversaturated superhero genre taking shots albeit censored at the marvel cinematic and dc cinematic universe and other blockbusters out there.

You can take on part time jobs like before from plumbing to get more save points around the world of the game to mowing lawns for extra cash to purchase stuff in the game.

The open world is back but like before it still has its flaws like limited activity on what to do and some technical hiccups here and there.

The voice acting and characters are as entertaining as before and seeing older characters return like Badgirl and even Kimmy Love was great though kind of a shame they ain't playable.

The artstyle was pretty good and the graphics on the otherhand its kind of rough around the edges due to the technical hiccups from time to time.

The music is pretty good too.

Its hack and slash like before with random slot machine effects returning to give you special bonuses to help you in combat.

The boss fights here are as fun as ever.

New is the superhero like abilties with the deathglove you can use to help you in combat.

Now the game has a simple just collect money to upgrade points than so with the gym like before.

You can trade in cards you find for extra cash at beef head.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

At this point No More Heroes can go on forever and there would always be a way to keep things fresh and insane in contrast to many other games that can get milked because of keeping things more or less the same formula but here No More Heroes really is along with killer7 truly some of the best works Suda51 has ever done.


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