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Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a retro styled 2d hd pixel jrpg for the switch by Square Enix.

To start off with it focuses on 8 characters and how their stories intertwine in someway. Each story is very unique and also, engaging from start to finish. As well as defeating their respective arch enemies as well too. Only to come to a much bigger eveil.

Its also fairly long as well too.

The music as well is really good.

I also really liked the graphics and artstyle too.

Gameplay wise its typical turn based gameplay with elements similar to bravely default since many of the team also worked on the game as well.

Each cast member has their own job class with their own benefits with them as well too. You can even change their classes as well as you find shrines throughout the game and upgrade the classes and perks as well too.

The worlds you explored were also quite full of variety as well.

The more you charge them the more powerful the attacks will be.

Each of the cast also has a “path action” exclusive to them for completing objectives in their quests. As well as abilities too.

The characters as well were interesting enough too. Primrose and ther quest for revenge was one such interesting story to follow.

I also liked their voice acting as well too.

The game has its not so good qualities as well.

Its really grindy to the point it gets boring.

Not helping either, is that you get little to no money to spend on stuff and stuff in the game gets lot more pricey, as time goes by.

Also sometimes when doing side missions it can require a walkthrough online to find out what to do next.

Plus the story is just go to one town kill enemy move to the next and that’s about it.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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