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Othello is a manga series by Satomi Ikezawa and despite its name its based on the game of Othello which is black vs white which you’ll see in the manga and not the play itself.

The story focuses on Yaya a reserved girl who is a huge fan of visual kei and alt culture something that their peers would frown upon and judge for.

Yaya also has a split personality called Nana who is the total opposite personality wise of Yaya. Nana comes around mainly for when Yaya needs to try to stick up for herself against evil doers who try to bully her and others and the story focuses around Yaya and Nana’s misadventures against evil doers and romance.

Whenever Nana comes out Yaya usually blanks out because of how split they are. Yaya does learn to stick up for themselves as time goes by without much help from Nana’s intervention.

To start off with it, the chemistry between Yaya and Nana was interesting and Nana is one of the best characters in the manga for being able to stick up for whats right no matter how nasty the evil people can get.

The manga while short is certainly not lacking of any of it as many of Yaya friends often turn out to be some of the most nastiest people in the manga.

Nana standing up to the evil doers is by far one of the most satisfying moments in the manga and you cannot help but support her whenever she does stand up to them.

The art especially the character designs were pretty good.

The atmosphere of the manga is a mix of typical shoujo romance and a lot of rebelious punk like themes to it as well too which is interesting.

Its not too long as its about 28 chapters but still entertaining to read. If it had some more chapters then it would have been amazing really since it has a lot of potential in it if it took its time more because the manga as mentioned is pretty fast paced.

Overall it’s a decent read.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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