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Ouran Host Club

Ouran Host Club is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name by bones. 

It focuses on Haruhi who joins the host club to payoff a debt for accidentally breaking the vase and it focsues on her life with the host club and her growing friendship with them and since Haruhi looks like a boy she’d naturally fit in well with the club. 

The story itself is fairly ok not exactly the most original per say it was written in mind to parody the typical tropes of shojo romance at the time during the 2000s.


Now the story does have quite a bit of gay elements in it, mainly cause its fujoshi pandering like the twins acting gay to each other to get girls to like them its handled in a way fujoshis would get off too it so me personally after reading angel sanctuary several years ago and my recent watch of vampire knight i came to the realization that shoujo can really be wild with its incest and i personally didn’t really care about it honestly its just really well girl chasing at the end of the day. 

It follows a procedural type of format for the most part with some episodes dedicated to following certain character backgrounds. 

The ending itself I've heard its been pretty polarizing online like you either love it or hate it, me personally after the time i finished watching i just thought to myself like theres so much more that still needs to be covered. 

The animation of the story for its time is fairly decent and the art is even now still holds up as one of the most iconic shoujo styled art in anime history. 

The voice acting in dub as expected is pretty cringey though the Japanese one is farily good and also it has some lines and jokes (and some scenes too like the misandristic and creepy af wannabe Takarazuka revue lobeila all girls academy) that i really don’t think that could get by with “todays standards for the modern audience” sadly. 

The characters in the host club are fairly interesting and charismatic too as expected and they all have interesting chemistry with Haruhi. 

Its not really that  manga accurate sadly since theres lot of story left out as well as characters not making to the final cut either. 

The music was pretty decent. 

 Overall it was a fairly decent anime. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

To be honest here its really just ok and thats it just ok and i know there is a hardcore fanbase dedicated to trying to get this anime re-adapted and even Bisco Hatori the mangaka of the series wants fans to convince bones to do so, but its not going to happen anytime soon knowing how hyper focused they are with MHA and BSD at the moment and yeah, i just personally found it meh and thats it so if you really wanna see what the fuss about the series is be my guest I think i rather wait for angel sanctuary to get a new adaptation instead imo. 



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