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Princess Resurection

Princess resurrection is an anime based on the manga series of the same name.

It focuses on Hiro Hiryomi who recently moves to “Sasanaki Village” to meet his sister and he eventually finds himself caught up in a supernatural war for the throne since his sister happens to be part of the war apparently.

Interesting twist to an otherwise unoriginal concept.

The atmosphere is a mix of the 2000s goth style and a lot of comedy in it too. So if you were from that era you are sure to like this.

The comedy itself though its nothing really that special personally for me just the typical slapstick stuff that really just comes off as more annoying then honestly funny.

The characters themselves aside from the gothic appeal to them, they were not that really engaging to get to know of.

Hiro was pretty much like Yuki from Future Diary someone who complains more than actually does anything.

The art in it was pretty good.

The animation does show its age from time to time otherwise it was pretty decent.

You can easily tell the cgi effects here have aged the worst.

The voice acting too was generally ok for the most part.

Its another one of the infamous still run while the manga was still ongoing anime so a lot more story was still to be covered at the time.

The action was generally ok too much of the people here were immortal so silver bullets were required to kill them off.

Apparently it was toned down for the sake of showing it as the original manga was lot more edgier kind of like what bleach went through until the newer seasons came out a little while ago which kind of sucks.

You'll be seeing a lot of references from lesser known to widely known horror films here and there.

The music was pretty decent too.

The story takes along time for it to pick up and it does have a predictable formula for the most part.

Usually its monster wants power the characters stop them rinse and repeat.

Overall it was a decent anime.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Unlikely we’ll be getting a new anime of it any time soon surprising it isn’t given how e-thots would sooo love Hime because she is just like me a stuck arrogant bitch like lot of the girls in the anime tbh.

But as expected from them, it’s a cycle of complaining about muh anime being bad yet still watching mainstream hot shit seasonals all the fucking time. :woozyface: So if you’re a e-kid and you happen to come across this lol, please for the love of god stay in your containment zones for all eterinity where you and your other circlejerk cultists can stroke each others clits off and inevitably kill each other off the moment you guys either get bored and start drama for the lulz or disagree with each other even if it is slightly where you guys pretty much kill each other off till no one survives just please stay there and rot ok? Good peace out ya’ll.


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