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project diva megamix

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega Mix is a part of the evergrowingProject Diva series rhythm games.This version is the first in the series for the Switch and I had to import it from Japan. This game was created in honor of the series10 year anniversary at its time of release.

The graphics in contrast to previous games, utilizes a cel-shaded graphic style which looks pretty good.The track list is a mix of older classics from Rolling Girl and Unhappy Refrain by Wowaka to newer tracks from producers like Deco27. There are music videos for the songs and these are thoroughly enjoyable. There are also various costumes and styling accessories available to unlock. Sadly,some of the other classics songs I really liked in previous games like Worlds End Umbrella was left as DLC.You can customize the vocaloids with unlockable you can get from the game like before.It follows the familiar gameplay as before where you progress by pressing the buttons at the right time.The controls are easy to pick up and play with skill levels from very easy to really difficult.

Unlike previous console games, the arcade versions lack Star and Hold notes, which holds true in this game. Multi-notes, where the players press more than one button at once, and Slide notes, where you swipe the control sticks, also return. Macros also return from Future Tone, allowing the player to change the button mapping on their controller (except for the Control Sticks, +/- buttons, Home button and Capture button, but these can be changed in the console's system settings). These can be edited via the Customization menu.

Mix Mode is an all-new mode exclusive to the Switch. It is played by tilting the Joy-Con controllers left and right and pressing the bumpers/triggers in time with the charts. All songs have their own new and original Mix Mode charts for three difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Touch Play (enabled via Customization > Game Configuration > Arcade Mode > Touch Play > Enable) is also a new mode exclusive to this game. It allows the player to play all existing charts with an arcadesque control setup. It is played by tapping the four buttons on the bottom of the screen, with Slide notes by swiping across the screen. As Macros are unavailable in this mode, Score Attack strategies use the arcade method instead. The dance choreography is as epic as ever.

The loading screen like before has various artworks from various artists over the years and the art as always is epic.

Yeah still sucks that some vocaloids don’t get as much representation as they should like gumi is nowhere to be found in this game sadly it was a missed chance to add matryoshka in it especially since Kenshi Yonezu has been really on fire lately with his anime works.

Overall, it was a pretty good entry to the series with tons of stuff to keep the fans in a state of bliss.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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