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project diva x

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X is one of the many project diva games released showcasing her music.

It focuses more on the vocaloids “newest” songs at the time so sadly old classics don’t really apepar that often in the game. That’s the only real big complaint I have about that. Lot of the classics, like Rolling Girl are in megamix and not in this game. I do like the new songs though but I still would have liked to see the classics like Rolling Girl by Wowaka for example.

Sadly wasn’t even any Kagamine duet’s either and that really is disapointing especially if you’re a huge fan of the Kagamine twins.

Same cast as always but still no other vocaloids like Gumi,Neru or Kasane Teto sadly, and as always the modules are always really nicely designed.

The graphics and art as always looks really incredible.

It focuses on a story called “live quest mode” where you do quests by finishing songs at the best score you can possibly get. The modules also provide bonuses to help you out with completing songs in case you may need it.

Each cloud focuses on a certain theme and after you complete all songs in said cloud, you get to do a musical medley to finish it off with the vocaloids you are playing with. Thats where most of the classics like freely tomorrow are used in.

Also you can customize and get new items for your vocaloids and interact with them and the more you interact with them the more happier they are.

Gameplay is like in traditional project diva games where you have to press the buttons, at the right time to get points. Module drop unlike in the previous games is how you get modules this time instead of purchasing it. You get modules depending on how well you do and you have to replay missions a lot to get ones you are looking for.Matching your modules with the live story cloud based on the theme like chaos also gives you bonuses as well too which is pretty interesting.

Rush Note, where after hitting the note regularly, the player can then tap either of the buttons that correspond to that note as quickly as possible to gain bonus points within a short amount of time. The "Linked-Star notes" and "Double Star" notes that were introduced in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd have been removed.

Concert editor returns where you can have your own vocaloid concerts which is pretty interesting as always.

Overall it’s a pretty fun game nonethless.

It gets 5 stars.


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