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Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is the 7th entry of the series and this game is a course correction during the early to mid 2010s epidemic of games focusing more so on being the next call of duty and battlefield at the time especially with titles from umbrella corps,operation racoon city and 5 and 6.

Here this game focuses on Ethan Winters who has to find his missing wife Mia after receiving a video tape and eventually gets caught up in another bioterroist outbreak right around in the south and now he must try to survive and find his wife and also find out whats really going on here too as he is under attack from literal evil residents, the fucked cannibal baker family and the molded too a different type of zombie here.

The Baker family, out of any character in this game were honestly the most entertaining and engaging characters in the game, Ethan is just bland even by already one note character standards of Resident Evil as lets be real here, this series ain’t known for its quality storytelling or multidimensional characters and their development either Ethan was just boring faceless ironically there is a full body model for his character uninteresting character who oddly takes a lot of pain that no normal civilian in the series can withstand and he doesn’t have the kind of special forces training mainline characters have, hell even the outbreak characters and no I hadn’t even played outbreak were mostly civilians and were at least had something to make their own one note dimensional characters to standout here he’s just boring as boring can be.

Also how is Ethan able to handle stuff only the mainline characters could handle is beyond me.

The voice acting here for series standards that is is pretty suitable and dialogue as expected is going to be as cheesy as its going to get, especially Jack Baker’s lines.

You're going to be chased around a lot by Jack Baker and the molded and unlike the call of duty styled resident evil games you really have to be careful and pick your battles wisely you can use the doors to prevent them from bypassing you and it was pretty funny being chased around by someone who’s a stereotypical southerner yet also pretty terriyfying too since this game here takes notes from apparently games like outlast with the fight or flight aspect.

On that note, it also takes a lot of inspiration apparently from the texas chainsaw massacre from the setting,aesthetics and gritty atmosphere and feel to the story.

You can find vhs tapes that uncover more of the backstory of the events of the game.

Like in the other games you can find items and combine them to be able to solve puzzles and for your own personal usage.

Theres even a vr mode too if you’re into vr.

The gameplay is in first person mode honestly I found it not really that appealing and I would have rather the original 3rd person style. Other than that, combat is more inline to the older games where you have to be cautious with fighting enemies and its either run or combat especially since the molded can be some pretty big time damage sponges.

Weapon selection here isn’t like in operation racoon city here its a lot smaller and whatever powerful weapon you get save it for when you really need it.

The saferooms and item storage mechanics return functions the same as before like other games.

The graphics here looks really amazing and still holds up well even today


Can't really say that I am too fond of the country music here in the game personally for me that is.

Overall it was a good game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Scary how this was to be another fucking live service game but thankfully the developers stood their ground against the executives and also thankfully sold pretty well too.


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