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Resident Evil Code Veronica

Resident Evil Code Veronica is a mainline entry in the resident evil series and it focuses on the redfield siblings trying to investigate umbrella and figure out whats really going on with outbreaks happening in Anartica and Rockfort Island as Claire after Resident Evil 2 continues on finding out what happened to Chris and also trying to stop Umbrella after seeing the amount of disasters they’ve been behind with and after getting caught while trying to escape a facility from Paris she gets set to Rockfort Island and must try to find a way to escape and reunite with Chris and also figure out as mentioned whats really going on behind the events of the outbreaks happening there and in Antarctica.

Originally this was Capcom’s effort into supporting the final years of the dreamcast console while kind of weak initially in terms of sales its since then become a huge best seller.

Claire in this game is a lot more action hero like as she’s a lot more hardened and jaded after what happened in Racoon City (and eventually more outbreaks after another)and her character development was really a huge highlight for this game.

The dual wield combat here it was pretty cool almost Cowboy Bebop like too and if Resident Evil can have boulder punching and schizos with did being creepy crossdressers why not bring back dual wielding? That was pretty awesome.

The atmosphere in this game too out of any resident evil game that I found the scariest, this is really the one that I found really creepy especially with the gothic stylizations in it too from level design to storytelling.

Gameplay wise it’s the classic tank control styled fixed camera style.

You find items combine them use them to solve puzzles the usual stuff while trying to avoid enemies and they can be pretty fucked up here especially when you find out the origins of one certain monster later on in the game.

Also this was the turning point of the series too transitioning from pre rendered to fully rendered background designs which at the time was pretty cool.

Item management here like before be really careful what you wanna go for as its life or death as this game is one of the hardest entries in the series.

Can't really say I was too fond of the tank controls.

The graphics are decent enough for its time.

The plot here while yeah, typical resident evil b movie like story with outbreaks,dogshit dialogue and serviceable at best voice acting.

Here the Ashford villainy is a pretty facinating one where it showcases what happens when ones own ambitions ends up being their own downfall as we’ve seen multiple times before in the games.

It gets 4 out of stars.

Out of any resident evil game that I want to see remade it would have to be this one it really deserves it.

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