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resident evil heavenly island

Resident evil heavenly paradise is a manga side story that is set on the del toruga island where a popular Japanese reality contest show is being set there and of course that island is home to some b.o.w expiraments and a outbreak happens and its up to the characters to save the day.

It takes place right after resident evil 5.

The contest is called Idol survival which is where basically famous women from all over the world compete by finding special cards in a dangerous jungle in order to win the contest.

It’s another standalone type story than so requiring you to play the more recently released games.

So it’s the typical formula of the series.

Its pretty gory and not for the faint of heart as expected and the tropical feel is quite an interesting twist to the typical horror style of the games its no code veroncia but it certainly is pretty facinating with the tropical setting. The B.O.W's here are as creepy as ever

So one could almost consider it to be like a Euroguro a type of lewd stuff in Japan that has lot of not really safe for work type details in it.

Luciani Parker returns after his one off appearance from revelations which for fans should be pleasing to see make a comeback.

Out of any resident evil entry with the most fanservice this is it which makes sense since its basically a story about what happens when thot girl summer goes really wrong lmao.

The artstyle is pretty decent enough.

It’s a fairly long manga with about 56 chatpers in it.

Overall it was a decent manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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