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Robotic Notes Elite

Robotic Notes Elite Double Dash is the updated version of the robotic notes games which at the time didn’t had a official release internationally until years later.

It focuses on a group of kids in a not really popular robotics club in their school trying to create their own mech and win battles and become legends in the mecha field and of course somehow the committee of 300 is going to find a way to use robotics and artificial inteligence technology as part of their world ending plans and its up the characters to stop them.

Like before, the game does take a really long while before things can really pick up with its story.

I never liked the characters that much in the anime years ago when I first watched, and even now, I still don’t like the characters that much either too because of how tropey they were.

The atmosphere is a lot more laidback and lighthearted like in the anime given the island setting and the comedy here too is like in the anime not really that great too.

You can look up terms like before during the course of the story.

Theres a social media function too which was pretty interesting since that also plays in how the story unfolds.

The tagging system where you have to find hidden markers was a pretty interesting idea and it actually could work with future puzzle solving in eventually future coming science adventure games to give more interactivity in it sometimes you can easily miss things a lot though.

You can even choose which location to go too instead of just waiting to see the story progress.

The game brings back quite a bit of references to other previous entries including returning characters like Daru and Nae from Steins Gate.

You can play this game and not play the other games beforehand like in other science adventure titles.

The qte robot fighting sections, were absolutely awful, its just button mashing at the right time and not a full on interactive fighting game, like mages inc I believe, worked on fighting games before this just felt pretty boring.

The graphics are pretty good and I liked the 3d animations too it and the background designs too were also good so were the art too.

The free moving camera it’s a first for me, playing a visual novel that has that kind of feature and gives it a pretty interesting way for more interactivity.

It has the multiple routes in order to reach the true ending replay value as seen before to keep the player engaged.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

You can expect an anime adaptation of dash in the future by most likely since they just can’t help themselves with adapting anything that gets instantly popular the moment it comes out, MAPPA I'll watch the adaptations in the future just like I do with the entire visual novels sure, and hopefully it doesn’t follow the same mistakes of skimming things out to the point of a lot of leftover story there is there that leaves more questions than answers like what happened in the last adaptation.


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