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root letter last answer

Root last letter is a visual novel by Kadowaka and whats notable about this game is that you can switch between a j-drama mode with live action and this is also the first in Kadowaka’s own spin of mystery visual novels similar to the famicom detective series.

The story is set in the Shimame prefecture of Japan and it focsues on you the penpal of a “supposedly deceased” school girl from 15 years ago and solving the mystery to what caused her “death” as well as finding out how deep the mystery really runs.

The background designs of the game was pretty good.

Storywise its similar to anohana with characters living separate lives yet this one girl is somehow the glue that keeps them together and brings them back.

Atmosphere wise it’s a mix of dark and supernatural with some quirky random humor to it.

The updated version includes more storytelling too with further elaboration into certain events.

Lot of replay value and multiple endings depending on what you did in the story.

It has a point and click style gameplay where you go around locations observing various things of interest from people to objects and writing g letters in past tense too.

It’s a mystery story so expect the story to be slow from time to time but its worth going through it.

Some sections have you confront the characters by showing them with evidence similar to the ace attorney games.

Theres the max limit scene where you can shout out a certain word and the characters will break down giving you the answer you’ve been looking for.

The live action scenes from what I’ve seen look pretty much like over acting and you can tell the actors were probably trying their best to hold back their laughter and the costume designs too they certainly have their own charm to them.

The music too is pretty decent.

You can switch between the original art and live action mode anytime.

The interface and controls were easy enough to learn.

The artstyle is pretty good.

The voice acting was pretty decent too.

Overall it was a good visual novel.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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