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sakura wars

Sakura wars is an anime adaptation of the video game of the same name by sega.

It focuses on the imperial flower division as they defend Japan from demonic threats and outside of that, they’re also a theater troupe too albeit not as highly regarded as the Takarazara Revue in Japan since the flower division often has a lot of random hiccups in their production to the point that people only really attend the plays just to see what kind of mess they can make.

Not really the most original plot per say in some aspects, but still has its own unique flair to it. Yeah can be pretty tropey too at times since its that 90s cheesiness to it.

I liked the steampunk world setting of the story as its set in the 1920s.

It follows the original game, fairly straightforward.

The animation was good for its time and the art too was also good too. I did liked the unique character designs too.

The cgi on the other hand yeah you can see its showing its age since it can be really obvious at times with its mecha designs.

The mecha designs in the anime are also pretty good too.

Get ready for some off pacing from time to time as lot of it can be focused on slower slice of life elements from time to time.

The music is also pretty good too.

The action was ok.

I did liked the cheery lighthearted atmosphere of it.

The voice acting was pretty decent.

The characters were pretty good can’t really say I was all that fond of sumire though since I found her to be pretty much a stereotypical rich girl in this story.

Overall it was a good adaptation.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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