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smt devil children

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children is a Japanese exclusive anime adaptation of the series of the same name. This direction for the series like Devil Survivor, is oriented to younger audiences and it focuses on characters that are like the demi fiend or Nahobino, which are half human and half demon beings. The story is the typical character gets caught up into strange events and now must attack and dethrone god with the power of friendship and the creatures along the way they use to help them out.

The artstyle reminds me of Shounen anime focusing on capturing and fighting opponents especially the early late 90s and early 2000s style while still having that Shin Megami Tensei element to it. It still had that eerie like feel but its more Shounen like since its more oriented to kids. In fact, while you can say Shin Megami Tensei is like the grown up version of Pokemon especially given how messed up it can be from the palaces in Persona 5 to the demi fiend’s journey in Nocturne, this was made specifically to get younger kids into Shin Megami Tensei at an early age in response to the rising popularity of the Pokemon universe.

The characters weren’tvery interesting and can really be seen in any other type of Shounen anime. The reason why the tone is like this for the anime is to make it more kid appealing but even still there's lot of spooky kids anime out there like Hell Girl (since the manga is a shoujo) and even Yugioh in its early years had its moments of gloom. I think it would have been best if they retained it since there are lots of kids who would love that kind of stuff. It’s a fairly long series with about 50 episodes in it.

Overall the anime was pretty interesting glimpse into what the games must be like.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

It's highly unlikely for Devil Children to really be released now especially given how popular Pokemon is these days but then again with the recent games quality being in the gutter public opinion from hardcore fans since the early 2000s and late 90s has gotten more cynical to say the least. Digimon still going strong but still nothing compared to Pokemon. There were also a few manga adaptations from Devil Children too and I don’t recall seeing them being avaible to international markets like in the west.


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