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splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a sequel to the first game on the wii-u taking place after the events from the first game.

The series is a 3rd person paintball shooter created by Nintendo.

The game is pretty acessible to newcomers of the series.

You play as a squid and you can also be able to customize and choose whatever they want to wear.

The story takes place after 2 years from the first game and it focuses on where evil octolingss are trying to take over inkopolis and you must stop them and it’s a pretty fun simple story with lots of comedy in it. You also have to recover the stolen zapfish that the evil octolings took.

The main goal is to collect a certain number of zapfish to reach the boss then move to the next chapter of the game and it’s a fairly well paced game.

You can swim in your own ink to refill your weapons and you can also find power ups to deal lots of damage to enemies. Its also pretty useful as well too in getting around obstacles.

You can even turn to a squid to get around obstacles as well.

You can replay levels anytime you like to collect items you may have missed. Sunken scrolls contains artwork as well as lore from the game.

The control style was easy to learn and quite responsive whether you are playing motion control or on handheld.

Each level has had its own unique design and objectives to go through. Going through checkpoints can restore lives lost.

You have a variety of equipment to use and upgrade throughout the story.

The game also features new weapons and stages to go through.

The artstyle is really trippy and quirky and it looked really good and the character designs were all unique and interesting as well. The visuals were really vibrant and very pleasing to look at.

The announcements were unskipable sadly and being a single player gamer as myself this was so annoying even to players who also play multiplayer it can still be annoying.

Also for a e rated game it was really weird to see the odd innuendo references in the dialogue if this was no more heroes or madworld it would be fine but for this game nope. “Inking their splatzone” was so out of place

The splat charger I wasn’t too used too using especially with the motion controls and it felt kind off tricky for me admitedly.

The musical score was quirky and charming.

You can also buy snacks as well too to help give you bonuses b4 taking part in matches.

The game also introduces salmon run which is a fun mode where you fight off waves against enemies.

Theres also a multiplayer mode you can choose to do if you like.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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