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Star Ocean Ex

Star Ocean EX is an anime adaptation of the second entry of the star ocean series.

Like the game itself, it focuses on Claude who is transported on another planet and he teams up with others to investigate strange occurrences happening from a mysterious meteor.

I made sure to finish the game on the switch first, before I proceeded to watch the anime.

The anime cuts out a good chunk of the game’s story sadly, and like Final Fantasy Unlimited, lot of the other story for the anime was continued in some audio dramas apparently.

The characters like in the original game itself, is as tropey as ever but they’re handled even worse as sometimes they kind of stray off from their original depictions even the character designs of all things too went off course a bit.

Rena especially wasn’t like she was in the original game here she was just a stereotypical spoiled shojo love interest rival if we’re being honest here.

The anime does introduce some characters that weren’t really in the original game either too and again not really helpful in keeping things faithful.

The artstyle like the game is generally good.

The music was pretty good.

The animation of it is pretty rough and hasn’t aged the best. Its animation was done by Studio Deen and not, Production I.G the original animators of the game.

The cgi either, hasn’t aged that well too like I'm aware cgi was a thing even in the 90s as I've already mentioned long time ago that Ghost in the shell and psycho pass from production I.g had innovative uses of it at the time here it was rough even by 90s standards.

The voice acting either wasn’t the best too even by 90s standards as well.

The anime doesn’t adapt the other half of the series oddly.

Overall this was below average adaptation.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

After seeing the opening animation of production I.g with the remake and Surien doing the music again since they did in the star ocean remake and seeing how Square brought not only the world ends with you but even legend of mana of all games back and yeah while may well remake this too as Square does have surprisingly good potential to make good adaptations of their games as seen with Nier Automata’s adaptation its prolly just cause of usual executive meddling b.s that’s preventing them from doing this so only time will tell this does get remade.


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